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Ole-Ole Bali @ Sunway Pyramid

I was browsing through my Bali picture and I came across the excellent NASI CAMPUR I had in Bali and I just missed it. Therefore, after our shopping at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall we decided to have our dinner at Ole Ole Bali that is located at Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid. In fact, my sister had her meal before with her friends and she really loved their Sate Lilit. We were greeted at the entrance by the staff and we choose to sit at their Tatami Seating area. Once seated, the staff gave us the menu.  After flipping through the menu, we ordered Nasi Campur Chicken, Sate Lilit and Chilli & Mango. A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived at 8pm but it was filling up soon later on. The ambiance of the place was excellent and comfortable to enjoy the meal.
Chilli & Mango something unique I tried at the restaurant and it tastes good. I love to try unique drinks in the Restaurant. Hahaha!!  Chilli & Mango @ RM 15.60 Sate Lilit was absolutely sensational. For me,…

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