Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya

Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum was suggested by my friend for their fresh and delicious Dim Sum so I planed to give a try Since the Dim Sum is only open in morning and night we planed to have for our breakfast .. As we arrive in the restaurant the place is crowded like they are offering free food lucky we managed to get place without waiting. We order some of the foods suggested by my friend. The food their looks so fresh and delicious they waitress serve food in the stray and you can notice so many chef working in the kitchen. The speciality of the Dim Sum is you can see the food before you order and I like the concept.. Finally it a fantastic experience dining in Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum.
My Favourite.
Char Siew Bao (BBQ pork Bun) and Lor Mai Gai (Glutinous Rice with chicken, mushrooms and waxed sausages)