Legoland @ Malaysia

We made our way to Legoland @ Malaysia this Saturday at Morning which opened newly in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We went their early in the morning around 9.30am as we reached there people already started queuing for the gate to open. Exact 10am the legoland theme park opens for the people to enjoy. As I enter the Legoland the first things spotted in my eyes is Lego Miniland where I spent 2 hours of taking photo.The Miniland Includes of KLIA, Putajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Singapore, India, Myanmar, China, Laos, Pirate, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Port Tanjung Pelepas.
 After finish taking photo in Lego Miniland I proceed to Lego@ Kingdom where we can play The Dragon and Dragon's Apprentice.
After that I went to Lego Technic where I play Project X the most exciting and interesting game. But to our bad luck we have to stop play game since it started to rain around 1.30pm so I only walk around to take Land Of Adventure and Imagination Photo.
 We had our dinner in Ma Ma Nyonya Food ( Taman Molek )I would say that the food is nice. Devil Curry Chicken ( RM 12.80) their special dish of the day.
Pongteh Chicken (RM 12.80)
Ikan Asam pedas (RM 22.80)