Penang @ Day 3

 Last Day we went to Penang Hill before our journey back to Ipoh. The Penang Hill is situated about 2750 feet above the sea level on the Northern part of Penang. This Penang Hill is the oldest hill resort and the first in Malaysia has cool and historical features. Since we are students, we manage to get student price( RM 4)for the ticket to enter the Penang Hill. The journey from the below to top takes about 5 minutes where you can enjoy the view from bottom to top of the Hill.
 View Of Penang Hill above sea level
Once we arrive at the top of the Penang Hill, we saw people doing a Snake Show and we just join the crowd. After watching it for a while, we got bored so we planned to explore the Penang Hill and spotted Owl Museum. Owl Museum consists of 2000 pieces of owl from 70 countries including China, Poland, And the United States. The Owl Museum is nice with many cute owls. After spending 3 hours in Penang Hill, we started our journey back to Ipoh, as we have to catch a train back to KL.

Owl museum In Penang Hill. 
Entrance Fees: RM 5 ( For Students)