Sunway Lagoon

Have my first visit to Sunway Lagoon, Wish to go there long long time ago but never had enough time to go there.. Admission Rates: All park ( RM 100) while 3 parks ( RM 80). Although I brought my camera to Sunway Lagoon I only manage to take few photos as there is no special place to keep camera and no bags are allowed in certain games.  
Main Entrance Of Sunway Lagoon
There are 5 parks inside Sunway Lagoon : Amusement Park, Scream Park, Water Park, Wildlife Park and Extreme Park. The best Things in amusement park are Pirate's Revenge ( Scary ) Lost City of Gold ( Roller Roasters) And Pedestrian Suspension Bridge. Scream Park is not suitable for kids I guess.. Too scary. Scream Park is divided into 5 parts were you will across different types of ghost in the dark room for 20 minutes.
Pirate's Revenge
World's largest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge with breathtaking view of the whole Sunway Lagoon from a dizzying height. 
Wild Life Park. Lots of Birds, pets and snake.
Water Park has waters of Africa and Surf Beach ( Man-made beach). Waters of Africa like African Pythons, Tube Slide and Tornado are mostly crowded by people so finish all the other games first before queuing for these games.
Extreme Park are mostly for group of people were they can play Wall Climbing, Paintball war zone, kayaking and swan ride.
Foods available there are more pricier but you still can find Marry Brown and Subway for their normal price.
Personally I think one day is not enough for the whole trip since lots of things to explore and enjoy.


  1. Hi.

    What type of games they no allowed us to bring camera? TQ

    1. You are allowed to bring your camera for all the games just you are not allowed to take photo inside the Scream Park and it’s not safe to keep your camera in the rack provided by them in the Water Park and Amusement Park as there is no special people to take care of your belongings while you are playing the games and it is quite risky. Everything kept in the rack is under your own risk.

    2. Oh OK thanks for a brief explainanation & quick responds.



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