Euro Deli @ Damansara Kim

We had our dinner in Euro Deli after a tried trip from Melacca as it's too late after our massage. We ordered Salmon pasta, Sausages, desserts, meatloaf and 2 glasses of beers. Euro deli servers different types of sausages and they also have a competition for giant eating burger which cost RM 88+ were you have to solo the burger and its free if you manage to finish it, if not pay RM 88 which is cheaper from ordering Ala-Cate its RM 100++. The services of the restaurant its first class the supervisor/ manager I am not sure is ready to help you and recommend  good foods and food recommended by him is yummy.

Free Bread as Appetizer
Salmon Pasta
Sausage Meal
Meatloaf  with mashed potato's
Wall of fame.You can see the amount of people participated in the giant burger competitions and only 3 people ( Red Colour Photo ) manage to the win the prizes.