IKEA @ Malaysia

We always eat in IKEA food court whenever we are shopping in IKEA or other shopping center nearby IKEA just because of 1 reason their Swedish meatballs.. It's just so perfect. You can either order 5 @ RM 2,10 @ RM 10 or 15 @ RM 14 pieces. The best way to enjoy  the meatballs are cut the meatballs into 4 pieces and then dip with the thick gravy and lingo berries it will just melt in your month. Some of other things we tried other than meatballs are mushroom soup, Fish & chips and fried chicken wings.

Mushroom Soup @ RM 3
Swedish Meatballs @ RM 16
Chicken Wings @ RM 9.45
Fish & Chips @ RM 8.90