Marche' Restaurant @ The Curve

We celebrate my birthday in Marche' restaurant at night. The interior of the restaurant is like market where it will give the feeling like you are dining in the market but with Air conditioner. Before you enter the restaurant you will be given with a passport were you had to get stamped when ordering the foods. Losing of the cards will be fined RM 200. So you have to just walk around the restaurant to place the order of the food which you feel tempting to eat. The foods are freshly made after you place your order and you have to go collect it after 15-20 minutes or depend on the order placed. There are different types of stalls are available in restaurant like dessert, soup, grilled food, drinks ( Beers, wines and fresh made fruit juice).  We ordered grilled chicken with apple, mushroom soup, pizza, Dessert and passion drink. The mushroom soup and pizza is one of my favorite. Mushroom are blind nicely to boil the soup were you have a very rich mushroom taste. They also have different decoration in different section of the restaurant.

Soup Stall
Salad Stall
Pizza Stall
Grill Section Stall
Grilled Chicken With Apple
If you became there member you can redeem free coffee or certain home made fruit juice every time of your visit. Its RM 60 to became their member and the value inside the card is RM 70.