Toast & Roast Restaurant @ SS2

We had Toast & Roast for our lunch, which is located in SS2. The restaurant is clean and service is relatively fast for char siu and rice while the noodles dishes can take a while to arrive. We ordered chicken rice, small char siu and Hakka noodle. The char siu( Is the famous dish in Toast & Roast restaurant ) is half fat- half lean and toasted to perfection using charcoal, hence its slightly charred on the exterior with the a delicious caramelised finish.  
Char Siu ( Small) @ RM 8 
 Hakka Noodle original is okay only.. The noodle is too dry other than that, everything is perfect. 
Hakka Noodle Original @ RM 6
 Chicken Rice @ RM 5
Toast & Roast Restaurant
No 20, Jalan SS2/ 72
Petaling Jaya
Business Hours : 8.30am - 4.30 pm expect Tuesday.