Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant @ Paradigm Mall

We try Watami Japanese restaurant in Paradigm Mall before our movie in GSC. Every time we had our food in Watami we got our favourite seat and favourite waiter who is good in recommending food which is great and yummy. We tried their Yakisaba Teishoku , Chicken Katsu Tamago Toji Teishoku, Ishiyaki Bibimbap,Sukiyaki , Teppan Chicken Steak Teishoku and Tokyo Gyudon as last time they used to have a set but now they change the promotion into different set of promotion ( sharing base) but you still can order food from their menu. Membership is Watami is free and they have also credited RM 30 in my card for birthday treats.

Tokyo Gyudon @ RM 19.90
 Yakisaba Teishoku @ RM 22.90
 Chicken Katsu Tamago Toji Teishoku @ RM 15.90
Ishiyaki Bibimbap @ RM 17.90
Teppan Chicken Steak Teishoku @ RM 19.90
 Sukiyaki @ RM 22.90