Bakti Woodlands @ Masjid Jamek

Since I am craving for vegetarian food, I drop by Bakti Woodlands to have their Banana Leaf Rice. The ambiance of the restaurant is clean and comfortable for dinning but it’s crowded during lunch hours with lots of working people having their lunch but don’t worry they will open the upper floor if the below floor is occupied.  The banana leaf rice is only served during lunchtime on weekdays from 11.30am onwards as they have special menu for teatime and dinner.

We ordered Unlimited Thali and Madras Unlimited Thali. The food is served in a round shape metal plate with a banana leaf above it. The unlimited Thali include Sambar, Rasam, Dessert (Payasam), papadam, dried fried chili, vegetables (Cabbage, Brinjal, beans) and pickles. The food tasted delicious compare to some Mamak restaurant. Overall, it is a satisfactory meal with friendly workers serving us meals.
Unlimited Thali @ RM 7
Madras Thali @ RM 9
 Bakti Woodlands Vegetarian Food Cafe,
55 Leboh Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel. 03-2034-2399.
 Breakfast 730-11am, lunch 1130am-4pm, snacks/dinner 4-930pm. Open everyday