Citarasa Seafood Market Steamboat @ NSK Trade Market

We had our dinner in Citarasa Seafood Market Steamboat after finish our class.  We went there around 5.30pm so the place is not crowded and we requested to be seated in individual pot steamboat table as we plan to try different soup. I ordered Tom Yum Soup while my friend ordered the Chicken  soup. The Tom Yum soup is okay only but the Chicken  Soup tasted delicious and better. We ordered their Promotion set, Pu-Er, Bawal Steamed Fish (They will steam the fish free of charge and they have 2 flavour to choose from spicy and non-spicy we took non- spicy as the soup is already hot). Scallop, Vegetables, Prawn and Sotong. You have to place the order in the counter and tell them which table you are in they will deliver the food to your table after cleaning them. Overall, it is a very satisfied steamboat meal and I love it very much especially their Bawal Steamed fish taste fresh with smooth and soft flesh.

Many Verities of seafood
 Promotions Set @ RM 6.90 ( Its 3 set in 1 plate)
 Scallop @ RM 5
 Sotong @ RM 6.50/ Prawn @ RM 2.50 per piece
 Steamed Bawal Fish @ RM 12