Lakshmi Vilas @ Masjid Jamek

We had our lunch in Lakshmi Villas, which is located next to Bakti Woodlands. The ambiance of the restaurant is busy and good atmosphere. Since the lower floor is pack with people, we are seated in the upper floor. We ordered 2 Banana Leaf Meal, which includes Dhal with rice, long beans, brinjal, Dhal but in thick version, Papadum, rice cracker and pickles, served on a Banana Leaf.
 I love the Dhal as it very delicious when eat together with Rasam.
 Everything is perfect expect the brinjal as it is not fully cooked.
 Tips : Close one side of Banana Leaf into your direction to show that you liked their meal and would come again while closing leaf opposite direction is to show that you are not satisfied with their meal. Overall, it is a nice place to dine-in as it gives more homely feelings and the people are friendly.
57, Lebuh Ampang (near Masjid Jamek)
      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50100