Restoran Huang Ting @ First Garden, Ipoh

We celebrate advance Father's day and belated Mother’s day in Restaurant Huang Ting. The place is pack with peoples as it only opens at night. It took a while for us to be seated, as we are five of them. We ordered Thai Chili Chicken, Sizzling Tofu, Fish Head Soup, Deep Fried Tilapia Fish with Sambal Sauce and Seafood Omelet. 
 Deep-fried crispy chicken with Thai sauce so delicious. Actually, chicken and chili is a good combination.
Thai Chili Chicken @ RM 14
 Tofu with chopped onion leaf and egg with special sauce. If you like sizzling food and is a bit health conscious, then this is a must try.
 Deep fried Tilapia Fish with sambal sauce tastes very nice and crispy.
 Since we ordered a lot of spicy food, we ordered fish head soup and seafood omelet. A big bowl of soup with a lot of vegetables and fish head and good to go along with spicy food. Overall, it wonderful meal to celebrate Father’s day and Mother’s day in this restaurant as the food is fresh and good quality.
Fish Head Soup @ RM 8
 Seafood Omelet @ RM 7
 Restaurant Huang Ting 
14, Lorong Taman 13,
First Garden (Taman Pertama),
Ipoh, Perak


  1. Hi, has it moved? I come to ipoh once a year. Last year it was still here but now it's no longer here. Sigh

  2. Hi,
    I guess it has moved as there is no longer any signboard of the restaurant.


  3. Hi,
    It's now moved to 1st curve on the way to Falim.



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