Suki-Ya, Eat All You Can Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu @ Paradigm Mall

My boyfriend treated me In Suki-Ya (Shabu Shabu Lunch Buffet) as I am craving to eat steamboat. Suki- Ya offer both Ala-cate and Shabu Shabu Buffet but the Shabu Shabu Buffet restricted the customer only have 2 hours time to enjoy their meal. They have 4 choices of soup bases: Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, Miso and Kimchi and the customer is asked to choose 2 types of soup and 2 types of meat (Chicken, Beef, and Lamb). As for our soup base, we choose Sukiyaki and Kimchi; the Sukiyaki soup is okay only. The Kimchi tasted better and delicious and for our meat we choose Beef and Lamb the meat are fresh. Other than the meat, they also have Mushroom, Vegetables, Meatballs, Seafood Taufu, Mee, and Desserts (Ice Cream). Overall, the Shabu Shabu is delicious and tasty but the choices of foods are limited from other Shabu Shabu
Lot UG ( 4th)- 13, Upper Ground Floor
Paradigm Mall