Zoo Negara

Our college organise a volunteer trip to Zoo Negara on Saturday. We have to be in the college before 9.30am, as the bus will be leaving at 9.45am. It is a very short distance to Zoo Negara we reach there about 10.15am and meet up with the Zoo Staff. After a short introduction about the program by the Zoo Staff, they divide us into small group to clean different section of Zoo. My friend and I are very lucky; as our duty is to clean the bird, show section before the show starts. After cleaned the area we are allowed to watch the Bird Show with the visitors... So Happy. Since its lunchtime, we gathered with our group for a lunch as we brought our own lunch pack. After the lunch, we are given 4 hours to explore the zoo. So amazing to see the animals you have learned in kinder garden is right in front for your eyes. Overall, it is a wonderful experience as we learned many things about the animals and feeding process.
 Bird Show Times: Daily 11am & 3pm/3.30pm on Friday