Sumo Onigiri @ Damansara Utama

I had my lunch in Sumo Onigiri @ Damansara Utama after my facial. Sumo Onigiri sells Onigiri, which is a type of Japanese rice balls that are usually shaped into triangle with filling in the middle. The ambiance of the restaurant is cosy. I ordered Sumo B, Egg Mayo And Honey Lemon Tea.
 Honey Lemon Tea @ RM 4
 Sumo B (Fresh Salmon, Idako, Ebiko, Rice, Tamago, Mashed Potato, Miso Soup, and Chawanmushi) .The texture of Chawanmushi is smooth yet no ingredient, just a plain steamed egg.  Miso Soup tasted average but ideal to warm up the stomach before the meal. The Sumo B is okay only.
Sumo B @ RM 9.80
 The rice wrapped with the toasted seaweed had a very nice texture to it, crunchy on the outside due to the seaweed while being warm when munched into. The filling was fresh as each Onigiri was made after the order.
Egg Mayo @ RM 3.00
Overall, it was a good meal at Sumo Onigiri as the Drink is the best.
Sumo Onigiri
No 80, Ground Floor
Jalan SS 21/39
Damansara Utama
Tel: 017 5050 755