Fatty Crab Restaurant @ Taman Megah

Fatty Crab offers a limited seafood dishes but most of the people often Dine-in in the restaurant for their speciality Sweet and Sour Chilli Crab.  Therefore, we planned to try their signature dish, as I love seafood’s. We went there around 6pm for our dinner so the Restaurant would not be crowded. The ambiance of the Restaurant is comfortable for Dine-in. We ordered Chicken Wings, Fried Rice, Toasted Bread, and Sweet & Sour Chilli Crab. Overall, it is a satisfied Dinner as food tasted delicious but come early as it gets packed during dinner hours.

The Fried Rice tasted delicious with mixture of eggs, chopped beans, and carrots.

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings tasted good, as the meat was juicy.
Their Signature Sweet & Sour Chilli Crab.
The Sweet & Sour Chilli Crab are fresh and the sauce is awesome.
Fatty Crab Restaurant
No 2, Jalan SS 24/13
Taman Megah
Tel: 03- 78014 5758