Kohinoor North Indian Restaurant @ Kota Kinabalu

We had our Dinner in Kohinoor North Indian Restaurant @ Kota Kinabalu as Tripasdvisor recommends it and you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset from the restaurant while enjoying their delicious foods. The ambiance of the restaurant is clean, comfortable, and romantic for dine-in. We ordered Naan, Butter Chicken, Pori, Vegetable Briyani, and Mango Lassi. Overall, it is a satisfied dinner, as the food tasted delicious and good restaurant settings.
 Mango Lassi is smooth, creamy and absoluty heavenly.
 Vegetable Briyani is delicious and Spicy.
 Butter chicken is Creamy and full flavoured dish.

Kohinoor North Indian Restaurant
Lot 4 Waterfront Esplanade
Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088- 235160


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