Sabah @ Day 3

As we are climbing Mount Kinabalu tomorrow, we planned to go Kinbalu Park today. There is 2 mode of transportation to Kinabalu Park that is Van and Bus. The Van will cost about RM 250-300 per van but you can also cater the Van for RM 20 per person if you don’t mind sharing with others. However, this option is only available in the morning, as the most of the people will be going Kinabalu Park for the climb in the morning. Therefore, we woke up early in the morning to catch the Van, as this option is cheaper. When we arrive at the Long Distance taxi station there is a van waiting for people to go Kinabalu Park so we just join them to go Kinabalu Park. After waited 30 minutes, the van is full so they start the journey to Kinabalu Park. It took us 1 hour 45 minutes to reach Kinabalu Park from Long Distance Taxi Station. Once we reach the Kinabalu Park, the van driver volunteer offer us sent to Hotel, which is located 500m away from the Kinabalu Park.
D'Villa Rina Ria Lodge
 After check-in, we walked to Kinabalu Park for sightseeing but on the way to Kinabalu Park, it started to rain so we have wait in the Kinabalu Park Entrance for the rain to stop to get back to the hotel. After 45 minutes, the rain finally stopped so we went to hotel for relaxing and rest.
 We had our dinner earlier in Hotel Restaurant, as the restaurant will be closed at 9pm. After finish with our dinner, we went back to room for rest as tomorrow we need to wake up early for the Climb.