Sabah @ Day 4

To climb Mount Kinabalu we took a package from Amazing Borneo @ RM 1080 per person which includes of Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-Tea, Dinner, Supper, Tour Guide, Climbing Permit, Accommodation at Laban Rata Guesthouse ,Insurance and Pick-Up Service. So after our Breakfast in the hotel they pick-up us at 7.45am in D’Villa Rina Ria Lodge to Kinabalu Park. It took us 5 minutes to reach Kinabalu Park. Once we reach KInabalu Park, they help us to register for the climb and introduce us to our tour guide. After the registration, they drive us to Timpohon Gate for climbing the amazing Mount Kinabalu. Its 6km to Laban Rata Guesthouse from Timpohon Gate, which will take approximately 5-6 hours to reach Laban Rata Guesthouse. Our journey started at 9.30am.I was energetic and faster until I reach 1 km after that my energy level is going down and it started to rain when we reach 2.5km. It was freezing and my clothes are wet as I am wearing a Half-size raincoat. I was tired and keep on asking the guide how long to reach Laban Rata?. He keeps on motivate me to climb and finally I reach Laban Rata Guesthouse at 3pm. Since my body is wet, I planned to take shower but the water was cold and I left with no choice but to take shower with the cold water if not I cannot sleep.
Breakfast at D'Villa Rina Ria Lodge
 Mount Kinabalu
 Laban Rata Guesthouse
 After shower, I straightaway went for dinner, as I was hungry. After dinner, I went to sleep around 6pm, as I need to have enough energy for climbing tomorrow.