Sabah @ Day 5

My boyfriend wakes me up at 1.30am to get ready for the climb to submit. Therefore, after get ready; we went for a supper in Laban Rata Guesthouse. I just eat little scared if too full cannot climb up to the Summit. It was raining when we stated our journey; the guide told us if it continues to rain we cannot climb up to the summit so I pray harder for the rain to stop so I can the reach to summit for sunrise. I reach summit at 7.30am with my boyfriend. After taking the amazing Mount Kinabalu photos, as memories we start our journey down to Laban Rata Guesthouse as we have to checkout the room before 10.30am if not we have to pay RM 100 per hour for late checkout and no lunch will be served after 10.30am. We reach Laban Rata Guesthouse at 9.30am and I told my Boyfriend to take the food for me while I go checkout the room.
After our breakfast, we continue our journey to Timpohon Gate. The journey was smooth until 3km as its was start to rain after 3km. Therefore, we have to walk slow and steady, as the rock will be slippery. We reach Timpohon Gate at 3.30pm. After reach, we are transfer to Kinabalu Park for High Tea before sending us back to Hotel. The journey from Kinabalu Park to Kiram’s Village took us about 30 minutes. 
  Once we reach Kiram’s Village, I freshen-up myself and slept until next day morning.