Sabah @ Day 6

We woke up early morning to walk around Kiram’s Village before head back to Kinabalu City. As the Hotel is located outside the city, there is no public transport to the Town and Kinabalu Park.  Therefore, the Hotel Manager offers us a ride to Kinabalu Park @ RM 15 per person. Therefore, after our breakfast in the hotel we leave to Kinabalu Park. On the way to Kinabalu Park, the driver stopped the van in Desa Cattle Farm for us to take photo.

Kiram's Village
 Desa Cattle Farm
 After reach Kinabalu Park, we approach a Van driver to go Kinabalu City. He charges us RM 25 per person but have to wait for 8 more people for the van to full. So after waited for 30 minutes the driver offer us RM 80 for both person and send us back to Tune Hotel 1 Borneo. Therefore, we took the offer, as it is cheaper to RM 230 for a van. The journey took us 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Tune Hotel 1 Borneo from Kinabalu Park.

Tune Hotel 1 Borneo
 After check-in, we went Pizza Hut for lunch as we are starving from morning. After our lunch, we planned to go Kinabalu City for a walk and seafood Dinner as the best seafood restaurant Located in Kinabalu City. We are lucky as there is a Free Shuttle bus from 1 Borneo Shopping centre to Kinabalu city but you have to register in the customer service counter before use their service. We register for 4pm bus to Kinabalu City and 9.30pm bus back to 1 Borneo Shopping Centre.  The bus will stop in Wisma Square at Kinabalu City since it too early we planned to walk around before our Seafood Dinner.
We had our Seafood Dinner in Ocean Seafood Restaurant. The food is delicious and fresh. After our dinner, we went back Wisma Square to go back to 1 Borneo Shopping Centre. After reach 1 Borneo, we straightway went to sleep.
Ocean Seafood Village Restaurant