Mbuji @ Sungai Wang Plaza

I had my Breakfast with my sister and Ah Boy in Mbuji, which is situated at Sungai Wang Plaza after my exam. I bought a voucher from Living Social its RM 15 for RM 30 cash value. The ambiance of restaurant is clean, neat, and comfortable for dine-in. We ordered 2 set of Nasi Lemak Special and Jumbo Jane. Overall, it is a wonderful experience as the food tasted delicious and the manager treated us with desserts probably I guess because we are the first customer in the restaurant. 
Nasi lemak is served with Coconut Rice, anchovy hot chilli sauce, Fried Anchovies, Fried Peanuts, Sliced Cucumber, Tomato, Chicken Rendang and Hard Boiled Egg. The Nasi Lemak tasted delicious and I just love it especially the Chicken Rendang.
Nasi Lemak Special @ RM 10.90
Chicken Rendang
Pancake is served with Maple syrup and butter. The pancake tasted light and flavourful with blueberry jam in between the pancakes.
Jumbo Jane @ RM 8.90
The Cupcakes are cute and delicious.
Service Charge: 10%
Government Charge: Nil
Sungai Wang Plaza
Lot TC 032-033, 3rd Floor