Sauna "Dan" Char Grill Chicken Rice @ Ming Tien

We went to Ming Tien Food Court for dinner as during our previous visit we saw  a lot people ordering Sauna “Dan” Char Grill Chicken Rice so we purposely  went there to try this dish as it’s a newly opened shop in Ming Tien Food Court. Since it Saturday night, the place is packed with people but lucky we manage,  to find a place to seat after waited for 10 minutes. We ordered Sauna “Dan” Char Grilled Chicken Rice and watermelon juice. Since its is a popular dish in Ming Tien Food Court now, I have to wait 20 minutes for my turn to get my food.  The specialty of the food is there brown rice, grilled chicken and charcoal cooked egg. Overall, it is a wonderful dinner as the food tasted delicious and it is healthy. 
 The Sauna “Dan” Char Grilled Chicken tasted delicious with their freshly grilled chicken and Charcoaled eggs (The egg is cooked in a special charcoal pot before it served).
The Sauna “Dan” Char Grilled Chicken Rice@ RM 9.90 
Service Charge: Nil
Government Tax: Nil
Ming Tien Food Court
Lot 10991, Jalan SS24/8
Taman Megah