ABC Temerloh @ Temerloh

As we are still hungry and not full with our dinner, we planned to go for supper. So after freshen up in the hotel, we picked up my friend from the shop to follow us for the supper. Since its, 11.30pm almost all the food shops are closed so we have to drive all the way down to Temerloh form Mentakab for our supper. We had our supper in ABC Temerloh, which is located along the roadside of Temerloh or further down from MCD. This shop quite easier to indentify as it the only shop opened at night but they don’t have a name board for the restaurant but the locals call it ABC Temerloh which quite popular eatery at night. We ordered Wan Tan Hor, Fried Fish, and Lou Shu Fun. Overall, it is a satisfied dinner as the foods are yummy.
 Fried  Fish is Mouth watering. Fish is flavourful with the special sauce.
 Wan Tan Hor is yummy. Gravy was tasty and the Kwey Teow is smooth as well.
 Lou Shu Fun is tasty.