Huan Le Kopitiam @ First Garden, Ipoh

As it was raining, I planned to Take Away food for my Brother and Dad in Huan Le Kopitiam as this is their favourite Restaurant for Char Kwey Teow. As it was, raining most of the people are taking away their food instead of having it there, so I have to wait for 25 minutes for my turn. I ordered Penang Char Kwey Teow and Special Fired Rice. The ambiance of the restaurant is comfortable for dine-in but as it is night, we can see some of them having their drink (Beer) which is quite common in this type of restaurant. Overall, it is a satisfied dinner as the food was delicious. 
Penang Char Kwey Teow is my favourite food ever it tasted so delicious.
Penang Char Kwey Teow @ RM 3.70
Special Fried Rice tasted so good.
Special Fried Rice @ RM 4.00
Service Charge: Nil
Government Tax: Nil