Iscream @ Tropicana City Mall

Had my Tea Time with my friends in Iscream @ Tropicana City Mall before our movie in GSC. As I bought a voucher from Living Social which valued RM 20 for RM 10. The ambiance of the shop is comfortable for dine-in. We ordered 2 Iscream on the rock. Overall, it is as average Tea Time as the ice cream is tasted pale compare to other premium ice cream.

2 Junior Scoops + 1 Mix-In served in waffle bowl, topping choc sauce & Mousse Cream.
Ice Cream on the rock@ RM 10.50

 Chocolate Vanilla+ Chocolate Oreo+ Famous Amos cookies
 Strawberry + Mango + Marshmallow
Service Charge: Nil
Government Tax: Nil
Lot G-11, Ground Floor
No 3, Jalan SS20/27
Opening Hours: Daily 10am-10pm