Pizza Hut @ Ipoh Central

Did anyone of you aware that Pizza Hut gives away coupon for Take Away? Just go to their official Pizza Hut Web page and select the coupon option to see their latest Take Away promotion. We recently redeemed a Take Away Coupons, which is RM 38 for 3 Regular Family Favourites Pizzas (Save RM 27.40) as everyone comes back for Diwali Holiday. We choose Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, Chicken Pepperoni Pizza, and BBQ Chicken Pizza. Overall, it is a satisfied dinner as the Pizza tasted delicious especially The BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Shredded chicken mixed with onions capsicums and mushrooms with Tomato Pizza sauce, Drizzled with Barbeque sauce.  
BBQ Chicken
 An all-time favourite combination of chicken meat, juicy pineapple titbits, and Mozzarella cheese on Tomato Pizza sauce
Hawaiian Chicken
Tantalizing chicken pepperoni topped with mouth-watering Mozzarella cheese.
Chicken Pepperoni
Service Charge: 10% (Dine-In)
Government Tax: 6%
Delivery: Available / 1 3000 88 2525

Ipoh Central
No 69, Jalan Dato Onn Jafar
30300 Ipoh Central
Tel : 05 242 2525