Restoran Sin Liang Kee @ Mentakab

Woke up early morning again to hunt good food as we are leaving Pahang afternoon to avoid traffic jam in PJ. Since I have friends in Mentakab, they bring us to eat delicious food in Mentakab. Therefore, our 1 stop for breakfast is at Restoran Sin Liang Kee. The restaurant is crowded with people as this place is famous for their handmade fish ball. We ordered Wan Tan Hor, Yong Tau Foo and Sheng Mee. Overall, it is satisfied breakfast as the foods are fresh and value for money (RM 21 for the 3 dishes).
 The flavour, texture, and taste were just superb.
 Sheng Mee is yummy.
 Wan Tan Hor is delicious. The Gravy is tasty and the Kwey Teow is smooth as well.

Price                       :8/10
Service                   : 6/10
Food Portion         : 8/10
Quality Of Food    : 8/10
Environment          : 8/10
Menu                     : Limited
Parking                 : Easy To Find Car Park/ No Parking Fee
Restoran Sin Liang Kee
Mentakab, Pahang 28400 Malaysia
Opening Hours : 7am-3pm