Sushi Q @ Paradigm Mall

As it is the last day to redeem the Sushi Q voucher, we bought from Groupon. We make our way to Paradigm Mall for lunch as I scared it will be crowded at night as it Friday. We bought 2 sets of SET A which valued RM 9 instead of RM 20. The ambiance of the shop is comfortable for dine-in. Overall, it is average meal as the sushi tasted average and priced almost same as the premium sushi like sushi Zamai.
 Set A: Tamago Sushi, Ebiko Sushi, Egg Mayo, Ebi Sushi comes with potato salad, seaweed salad, miso soup and dasami mineral water.
Potato salad tasted a bit special as the potato salad is mixed with the mayonnaise instead of butter and milk.
Sushi Q
Lot No 22, 2nd Floor
Paradigm Mall