10 Useful Tips For Bangkok Travelling

Here are the 10 useful tips for people travelling to Bangkok.

1-      Avoid taking airport taxi as there will be a meter taxi waiting outside the airport for the tourist and airport taxis are more expensive compared to the metered taxis.
2-      Sometimes Tuk Tuk is more expensive than the Taxis too so bargain the price with the Tuk Tuk driver before using their service.
3-      If you are not interested to go to the shop they suggest to get free gas coupon just tell them no, as sometimes if you never buy anything from them they will be rude to you sometimes especially the tailoring shop.
4-      Avoid using the BTS service during the peak time, as it will be crowded and very difficult to enter or exit the train.
5-      If it is more than 3-4 people it is cheaper to use taxi compare to the BTS train.
6-      Traffic jam at Bangkok is around 6pm-8pm so if can try to avoid this time especially if your are planning to use Tuk Tuk for travelling as Tuk Tuk cannot use highways to escape from the traffic jams. (Tuk Tuk are not allowed to use highways)
7-      If you are booking any tour from the tour agents, make sure it comes with the shuttle service, as the transport in Bangkok is more expensive.
8-      If you are travelling in a big group of people, taking private car is more cheaper than joining a tour especially for temple tours and you can spend your desire time you wanted in each temple.
9-      If you are visiting Bangkok mainly for shopping reason, you can drop by at Wholesale market nearby Baiyoke Sky Hotel to buy your clothing as the more you buy, the more cheaper they will charge you. It opens everyday from 6am-9am.
10-   Avoid buying things from floating market, as the things are more expensive than the Bangkok City or if you are a good bargainers, try to bargain at 50%-70% lower than the actual price they quoted.