Bangkok @ Day 3

I booked Damnernsaduk Floating Market tour from Malaysia @ 700 Baht per person including shuttle transfer and English speaking guide and excluding the paddleboat at floating market. The pickup time for us is 6.30am. They picked up us at 6.45am from the hotel lobby. The journey from Baiyoke Suite Hotel to the Damnernsaduk Floating market is about 1 hour 10 minutes. Once we reach the floating market, we are transferred into the boat to main floating market area. On the way to the floating market, you will pass by the local Thai people housing area. After reach the main floating market area, we bought the tickets to the paddleboat @ 150 Baht per person. The boat can occupy maximum of 6 peoples and the journey is about 30 minutes but the prices of goods sold here is more expensive than the Bangkok City so buy the goods that cannot buy in Bangkok City.
 As our tour is until 12pm and we have, 40 minutes for relaxing the tour guide offer us additional package like tiger temple (400 Baht per person), elephant riding (600 baht per person), or snake show (250 baht per person). As majority of people wanted to go elephant riding the tour guide, bring us to the elephant-riding place. It is 30 minutes of elephant riding where you pass by the housing area and elephant will walk in the water for about 1 minute, which is the highlight of the elephant riding.
After the elephant riding they bring us to Royal Thai Handicraft for people  to exchange the van as some of them having other program so while waiting for them to change van we walk around the Royal Thai Handicraft where you can see the locals doing Handicraft like doors and wall arts. They also have souvenir shop and wooden furniture’s shop inside Royal Thai Handicraft. After everyone changed their van, they bring us back to the hotel in Bangkok.
Dinner at Night Market.
We bought tickets to Calypso cabaret show from our hotel tour agents, which includes of 1 soft drinks, ticket, 1-hour free transport to either tiger show or ping-pong show (Free Add On for Us) and private transfer @ 1100 baht per person. As the show is 8.15pm, the driver picked us at 6.30pm from the hotel lobby. The journey from our Hotel to the Calypso cabaret show is about 1 hour as there is a traffic jam on the way to the place. The Calypso cabaret show is okay only for me as the Phuket Cabaret show is the best.  As we are tired, we just straight away go back to the hotel for some rest, as we have to wake up early tomorrow.