Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf @ Tropicana City Mall

I had my dinner with my friend and Ah Boy at Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf @ Tropicana City Mall. There are 2 types of menu, which are morning session and afternoon session. Morning session is from 10am-6pm while the afternoon session is from 6pm-10pm, which has a slightly different menu compared to the morning session. The place was crowded when we arrived, as it is dinner time so try to go early to avoid the disappointment of serving late.  The ambiance of the cafĂ© is cosy and comfortable for dine-in. we ordered Long Black, The Wolf’s Favourite, and Mighty Piggy Burger. Overall, it was a satisfied dinner as the foods are delicious but the prices were expensive.
 Mighty Piggy Burger is juicy and delicious.
Mighty Piggy Burger @ RM 28
 The Wolf’s Favourite is creamy and crunchy with the bacon bites. I just love it.
The Wolf’s Favourite @ RM 29.
 Long Black @ RM 8.
Price                   : 7/10
Menu                  : Varieties of Choices
Service               : 6/10
Food Portion      : 7/10
Quality Of Food : 7/10
Environment      : 7/10
Parking               : Easy To Find/ Parking Fee

Service Charge: 10%
Government Tax: Nil
Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf
Lot G35, Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall
Tel: 03- 7722 3561