Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe @ Tropicana City Mall

I had my lunch with my boyfriend in Oiso Korean Restaurant which is newly opened in Tropicana City Mall before our movie in GSC. The place is crowded when we arrive as it is lunch break for working peoples. The ambiance of the restaurant is cozy and comfortable for dine. We ordered 2 Organic Brown Tea, Soft Tofu Stew and Bi Bim Bab Beef. Overall, it is a satisfied meal as the food tasted delicious and priced very reasonably and cheaper compare to other Korean restaurant but the negative point is they don’t have the BBQ meats served in the restaurant. They just serve the Korean Rice and noodles.
Organic Brown Tea is very refreshing and healthy. 
Organic Brown Tea @ RM 0.90 (Unlimited Refills)
Side Dishes: Anchovies, Kimchi and Long Beans (Unlimited Refills)
Bi Bim Bab Beef is rice topped with various cooked vegetables such as cucumber, mushrooms, bean sprouts, beef and fried eggs. Served with red chili paste which should be mixed in thoroughly before eating. Bi Bim Bab tasted delicious. 
Choices for Bimbimbab: Chicken/ Beef/ Seafood/ veggie. 
Bi Bim Bab Beef @ RM 16.90
Soft Tofu Stew is spicy stew containing soft tofu, seafood and eggs. It is served piping hot in an earthenware pot. Soft Tofu Stew tasted delicious. 
Soft Tofu Stew @ RM 14.90
Price                   : 7/10
Menu                  : Limited Choices
Service               : 7/10
Food Portion      : 7/10
Quality Of Food : 7/10
Environment      : 7/10
Parking              : Easy To Find/ Parking Fee
Service charge: 10 %
Government Tax: Nil
Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe
Lot G-13, Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall