Korean Bimbap

I helped my lecture to take photo of Korean Buddies doing Kimbap as one of their activity in the college. The activity took place in level 4 and the entire ingredient for making Kimbap is prepared by the college. They just have to make a Kimbap in the group 8 and 1 group will be the chosen as a winner.  I was very excited to see them making Kimbap as everyone have a different method and unique way of making Kimbap. It was very enjoying and amazing to take photo of Korean Buddies making Kimbap J

This Kimbap is made up the Korean Student studying culinary in Korea so they are very professional in making Kimbap. They are very careful in arranging the ingredient and wanted make a perfect artwork for the judges to try.
Kimbap made for tuna, cucumber, spicy sauce, crabstick, and sausage.