Restaurant Sri Paandi @ Section 11

As we are hungry after the cultural night, we drop by Restaurant Sri Paandi for supper. As it is Saturday night the restaurant is crowded with people and it is safe to drop by on weekends as the place in located in the housing area and the restaurant is located at the corner and area is a bit dark which make us think twice about the safety as we are only 2 girls. The ambiance of the restaurant is comfortable for dine-in. They have both indoor and outdoor seating area but we prefer outdoor seating area, as we wanted to have a fresh air when we dine-in. We ordered Appam, Putu and Idly. Overall, it is a satisfied dinner as the foods are delicious, cheap and the staffs are friendly in recommending the foods to try.
Putu is tasty and it goods to eat together with sugar, banana and grated coconut (Staff Recommendation).
Putu @ RM 2.50
Appam tasted delicious with the coconut milk. I just loved it.
Appam @ RM 1.50
Fish Curry, Chicken Curry, and Sambar
 Different types of Chutneys to eat with idly.
Idly tasted nice and good to eat with fish and chicken curry.
Idly @ RM 1
Price                   : 8/10
Menu                  : Varieties of Choices
Service               : 8/10
Food Portion      : 8/10
Quality Of Food : 8/10
Environment      : 7/10
Parking               : Easy To Find / No Parking Fees

Service Charge: Nil
Government Tax: Nil
Restaurant Sri Paandi (RSP)
No 37, Jalan 11/4
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03- 7960 0576