Surprise 21st Birthday Celebration

21 birthdays is a most important birthday celebration in the life so I wanted to give something creative and special for my boyfriend birthday so he will remember forever in his life. I started to plan his birthday 1 month is advance so I have prefect plan for him so after a lot of search and googling I come up with a idea of giving him 21 different types of food for his birthday as he loves foods and enjoy eating .But it impossible for someone to eat 21 types of foods in 1 one day so I include some of his favourite chocolate as well. 11 types of his favourite chocolate and balance with the foods. Therefore, we welcomed his birthday with a Cocktail and Pau birthday cake, which he was very surprised as he never, expects as to celebrate his birthday exact at 12am.
Morning I bring him to eat his favourite breakfast at his favourite Chee Chong Fun shop on the way to the college as I have a appointment with my Head Of Department. After my appointment, we went to Saravanaa Bahavan @ Bangsar for lunch, as he wanted to eat his favourite Banana Leaf Rice so I invited my sister to join me as well for the lunch. After our lunch, we went Antipodean Café for a cup of coffee and to celebrate my boyfriend birthday. As my sister bought a cake for him.
Birthday Cake (Blueberry Cheese)
Since I have an afternoon class after our birthday celebration, we rush back to the college for my class and after my class; we went to Just Heavenly Café for dinner where we celebrated his birthday once again with a cake with my friend. After the entire food marathon we went back home and after I collect the entire photo I give the photo collection as my boyfriend birthday gift. And he was very happy with the my special gift J