Kedai Minuman Tai Soo @ Ipoh

As the weather is hot, I planned to take away Soy Milk and Tau Foo Fah from Funny Mountain but due to my bad luck, I cannot find the Funny Mountain shop even tough I followed the Google map on my phone so decided to give up and just take away from the Kedai Minuman Tai Soo as I was rushing because my uncle will be picking me up. I had Tau Foo Fah there while taking away 3 packets of Soy Milk.
Tau Foo Fah tasted delicious, richer in taste and it is smooth like a silk.
Tau Foo Fah @ RM 1.20 
Soy Milk tasted nice, fresh, refreshing, and good to drink during hot weather.
Soy Bean @ RM 1.80 
Overall, it is an awesome to drink Soy Bean during the hot weather. 

Kedai Minuman Tai Soo
Persiaran Anderson,
30300 Ipoh, Perak