Restoran Winner @ First Garden, Ipoh

My Sister and I planned to have our Dinner in Seafood Restaurant but on the way to the Seafood Restaurant, we are attracted by the food smell from Restaurant Winner therefore we changed our plan and Dine- in at Restaurant Winner as it is good to eat something hot during this rainy weather. The ambiance of the Restoran is comfortable for dine-in. We ordered Curry Mee and Kuey Teow Goreng.
 Curry Mee was super good, thick and well flavoured.
Curry Mee @ RM 2.90
Kuey Teow Goreng was delicious, soft, and less oily. I loved it.
Kuey Teow Goreng @ RM 3.50
Overall, it is an awesome dinner as the foods are delicious, cheaper and have a very good flavour. 

Price                   : 8/10
Menu                  : Varieties of Choices
Service               : 8/10
Food Portion      : 8/10
Quality Of Food : 8/10
Environment      : 6/10

Parking              : Easy To Find / No Parking Fee

Service Charge: Nil
Government Tax: Nil

First Garden
Taman Pertama
30100, Ipoh