Tandoor Grill @ Greentown

My friend asked me to choose any restaurant of my choice in Ipoh to treat me for my birthday. Hence, I planned to celebrate my birthday in Tandoor Grill @ Greentown after go through several research. I called them on Friday to make a reservation since we want to sit in Tatami seating area. The ambiance of the restaurant is very cool and comfortable. We loved it. We ordered Mango Lassi, Lime, Sizzling Tandoori Chicken, Bread Basket, Masala Briyani, and Trio of Dessert.
 Mango Lassi is the best that I never tried as it has a rich mango flavour, thick and tasty.
Mango Lassi @ RM 6.50
  Papadum (FOC) is crispy and it goes well with Mint Chutney. Just dip the papadum in the Mint Chutney and enjoy it.
Sizzling tandoori Chicken is a tender chicken marinated overnight in ground spices and yogurt and roasted in a traditional charcoal. Tandoori cooked with onions, tomatoes, capsicums and spices served on a sizzling plate. Sizzling Tandoor Chicken tasted tender, juicy, and well flavoured with spices.
Sizzling Tandoori Chicken (Half) @ RM 26
Finest basmati rice cooked in aromatic spices. Masala Briyani tasted yummy.
Masala Briyani @ RM 7.90
 Basket of garlic naan, butter naan and cheese naan. Naan tasted delicious but it is good to have it when it is still hot because it will be difficult to chew once it cools down.
Bread Basket @ RM 10.90
 Since I am a desert lover, I ordered Trio of Dessert, which really tasted delicious. My favourite’s desert would be Gulab jamun and Gulfi. Gulfi started to melt once I placed it in my mouth.
Trio of Dessert @ RM 14.90
Overall, it is an amazing birthday celebration. We spent our quality time together and it is one of my sweet memories ever. The foods are delicious, they provide excellent service, and the ambiance was just amazing. 

Price                   : 9/10
Menu                   : Varieties of Choices
Service                : 9/10
Food Portion      : 9/10
Quality Of Food : 9/10
Environment      : 9/10
Parking              : Easy To Find / No Parking Fees 

Service Charge: 10%
Government Tax: Nil
Tandoor Grill
No 9, Jalan Chin Choon,
30450 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05- 2535 995