Ming Enn Hakka Taufu Fah @ Ipoh Garden

Ming Enn Hakka Taufu Fah is located in between Shell and Public Bank at Lengkok Canning (Ipoh Garden). They offer Taufu Fah, Soya Bean, and Soya Bean Cincau. The place is busy with people taking away but if you wish to eat there, they do have some chairs for people to eat there. I ordered Soya Bean and Taufu Fau.

For Taufu Fah they have Black Sugar and White Sugar to go with. I choose Black Sugar (Gula Melaka) as it healthier. Taufu Fah is smooth, silky, and tasted pretty good.

Overall, it is refreshing drink to have during this hot weather. Moreover, this Hakka Taufu Fah is using fresh Soya Bean to make it and it is organic.
Ming Enn Hakka Taufu Fah
Lengkok Canning,
Ipoh Gardens
31400 Ipoh, Perak