Sushi Tei @ Ipoh Parade

Sushi Tei is located in First Floor, Ipoh Parade. Sushi Tei offers Japanese Cuisine like Sushi, Tempura, Sashimi, Bento Box, and other Japanese Dishes. The restaurant was full house when we arrived for lunch and it was late for our movie therefore I called for reservation at 5.30pm so that we can have our food after the movie. The ambiance of the restaurant is comfortable for dine-in. We ordered Green Tea, Ten Don, Inari, Soft Shell Crab Maki, Kappa Hand roll, and Tamago.

Kappa Hand Roll is tasty. The seaweed is crunchy and goes well with the cucumber.
Kappa Hand roll @ RM 1.80
Soft Shell Crab Maki was delicious. Soft shells cooked beautifully. I loved it.
Soft Shell Crab Maki @ RM 9.80

Inari is lovely. It has balance of Sushi Rice and Bean curd. Inari @ RM 1.80.Tamago is very good. Tamago @ RM 1.80
Ten Don is perfect. The tempura was fried to perfection and well seasoned.
Ten Don (S) @ 8.80
Overall, I had a wonderful time with my sister and friends. The foods are delicious but the price are quite expensive than KL outlet (probably they change to a new menu). Call for reservation if you don’t want to queue for the seat as the waiting time can be 30-35 minutes during peak hours and weekends.
Tips: Register as a member now and enjoy 10% discount on Total Food Bill, 20% on Birthday week and RM 120 cash voucher  (RM 99 to register as member)

Price                   : 7/10
Menu                  : Varieties of Choices
Service               : 8/10
Food Portion      : 8/10
Quality Of Food : 7/10
Environment      : 7/10

Parking              : Easy To Find / Parking Fee

Service Charge: 6%
Government Tax: 10%
Sushi Tei
Unit G19C, First Floor, Ipoh Parade
105 Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil,
30450 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05- 2410350


  1. Parking not free at ipoh parade. :)

  2. Hi,
    Kevin Char

    Yeah. I know. I guess you saw it wrongly. I mentioned parking fee,not parking free.Hope you get it 😀 cheers 😀


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