The Manhattan Fish Market @ Nu Sentral Mall

The Manhattan Fish Market is located in Level 4, Nu Sentral. The restaurant offers Fish & Chips, Pasta, Burger and Seafood Platters. The restaurant was ½ full when I arrived but it started to fill up during the Lunch Break (12pm-2pm). The ambiance of the restaurant is warm and welcoming. I ordered a Promotion set that includes two main course and additional add on soup @ RM 1.90 and drinks @ RM 1.90(Normal Drinks) and RM 2.90 (Fizzy Drinks). You can choose any 2 dishes from the given choices as your main course. I chose Citrus Baked Fish and Penne Cream Mushroom.
Promotion Set @ RM 29.90.  
Soup of the day (Tomato soup). The soup has great flavours. Every single spoon was yummy as it has both sweet & sour taste of the tomato. 
Tomato Soup @ RM 1.90
Penne Cream Mushroom is perfect. I love the creamy sauce for pasta and the juicy mushroom.
Citrus Baked Fish. The seafood was fresh and has a good flavour but for me I felt like the citrus flavour was a bit too strong maybe it will be heaven dish for the sour food lovers. The rice was okay not enough garlic flavours in it.
Overall, it is a wonderful time with my sister and boyfriend. The foods are nice, staffs are friendly and effective service.

Tips: The promotion set is only available on weekdays (11am-3pm)

Service Charge: 10%
Government Tax: 6%

Price                   : 7/10
Menu                  : Varieties of Choices
Service               : 8/10
Food Portion      : 8/10
Quality Of Food: 7/10
Environment      : 7/10

The Manhattan FISH Market
MFM Restaurant SDN BHD
Level 4, Unit No 6
Nu Sentral
N0 201, Jalan Tun Sambathan,
50470 Kuala Lumpur