9 Emperor Gods Temple @ Raja Uda, Butterworth

On our way to dinner in Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant, my sister and me came across a beautiful temple (9 Emperor God Temple) therefore we decided to take a look at the temple as it was gorgeous and welcoming. 9 Emperor Temple is located along Jalan Raja Uda, next to Zi Wei Yuan Steamboat Restaurant. 9 Emperor Temple is one of the largest temples in Butterworth. It has a curving pagodas and a dramatic roof with golden dragon statues. There are 3 grand prayer halls, an inner courtyard, a dragon spewing water fountain and stairways to views the architecture of the roof. 

Tips: Not allowed to bring any non-vegetarian food inside the temple .Entry is free.
9 Emperor God Temple
894 & 896, Mukim 14
Jalan Raja Uda,
12300 Butterworth,
Tel: 04- 331 8717