B and G Cafe @ Ipoh Garden

B and G Café is located at Lorong Taman Ipoh 11, Ipoh Garden. The café serves Chinese and Malay Cuisine like Kuay Teow Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Clay-pot Yee Mee ,Wan Tan Mee, Noodles, and Pork Soup Noodles. The café was crowded with working people when I arrived, as it was lunch break. Most of their customers are working people. The café was clean and comfortable for dine-in. I ordered Iced Barli, Clay-pot Yee Mee and Nasi Lemak.
Iced Barli @ RM 1.50
The Nasi Lemak looks good and delicious. The Chicken was soft, juicy, and well flavoured.
Nasi Lemak @ RM 5.50
Clay pot Yee Mee was yummy. Clay pot Yee Mee includes of Pork, Eggs, Fish Balls, Fish Cakes, and Leafy Vegetables.
Clay pot Yee Mee @ RM 5.50
Overall, it is an awesome lunch for me. The food was delicious and friendly lady boss.

Price                   : 7/10
Menu                  : Varieties of Choices
Service               : 7/10
Food Portion      : 7/10
Quality Of Food: 7/10
Environment      : 7/10

Service Charge: Nil
Government Tax: Nil
B and G Café
Lorong Taman Ipoh 11,
Ipoh Garden
Business Hours: 7am-9pm