Buntong Porridge @ Buntong Market, Ipoh

When I was a kid, I always like to follow my mother to Buntong Market to eat my favourite porridge but recently the stall was closed in the morning, therefore I messaged my friend staying nearby Buntong Market to enquire about the Porridge stall. He told me that they changed their time from morning to night so I planned to go for dinner with my sister. It was the only stall that opens at night in the market so it will be easier to identify. They have take away and dine in option for the guests but the environment is okay for me to dine-in but in future, I prefer to take away my porridge. I ordered 1 Chicken Porridge.
Chicken Porridge was smooth and creamy. Mix the porridge with their home made chilli sauce to have an awesome taste. Every spoonful was heaven for me.
Chicken Porridge @ RM 3.50
The porridge was yummy and they maintain the food quality very well. It tasted same like how it tasted few years back. It was one of the hidden gems for me. Enjoyed yummylicious bowl of porridge.