Restoran Panca @ Ipoh

Planned to have my dinner at Maharaja’s Kitchen after dropping my mum back home from Pasar Malam as I thought it opens 24 hours however when we reach there around 10pm, the restaurant was closed therefore we wonder around Little India for foods but due to our bad luck all the restaurant closed at 10pm hence we drop by Restoran Panca for dinner as it was crowded when we passby. Restoran Panca is located near Silibin traffic light and sure can be spotted easily with their colourful lights. The restaurant serves a varieties of Malay Cuisines. The restaurant was occupied by 4-5 tables of customers and busy with people taking away despite of 11pm at night. The ambiance of the restaurant was okay as you can spot cats wondering around in the restaurant. I ordered couple set to share with my sister that includes Ikan Kembung Masak Pedas (Fish With Spicy Sauce), TomYum Soup, Fried Egg, Kailan With Salted Fish and 2 Rice and I add on 1 Ice Bandung.
                    Ice Bandung was good and not too sweet.
Soup Tom Yum was delicious and good to have it during rainy season.
Kalian with salted fish was something new to me but it tasted delicious. They are generous with the salted fish in the dish.
Fried egg was yummy. I loved to way the cooked the egg and it was good to eat with rice and something spicy.
Fish with Spicy Sauce was really spicy but it was a bit oily and beware of the small bones in the fish. However, the flavours was good.
Even it was our first time at Malay Restaurant. The foods are good, friendly service and reasonable price but it was just about the cats wondering around the restaurant and avoid using more oils in cooking. Sure drop by Malay restaurant to try more Malay dishes. If there is any good Malay restaurant please let me know guys? Thank You <3