Restoran Roti Ayam Yau Kee @ Kampar

My friend went back Kampar for New Year therefore she asked me whether I wanted Curry Chicken Bread or not? Since I never tried it before why don’t I give a try? Therefore I asked her to buy 1 Curry Chicken Bread (Small) so that I can eat together with my family. It cost me Rm 30.
The Curry Chicken is a baked bread that wraps the piping hot curry chicken. The chicken was soft, juicy, and tender. The Curry was flavourful.
The restaurant also takes reservation and also welcome walk in customers. Thank god, I was not regretted for asking my friend to take away the Curry Chicken Bread as it was yummy something I never tried before.
55, Jalan Idris,
31900 Kampar, Perak
Monday- Sunday: 7.00am- 10pm
Tel: 05- 4651 738