Kedai Herbal Gui Ling Tong, Ipoh

Receiving Summon for the first time makes me excited instead of feeling sad for paying the money, as everything that happens for the first time is always exciting. Therefore, me and my sister went UTC to pay  Summon, as there is special discount if you pay your Saman earlier. After paying the Saman, me and my sister went Kedai Herbal Gui Ling Tong to have Caramel Custard. They have different choices of Caramel but due to our bad luck,only original flavours left. Therefore, we ordered 2 original Caramel Custard.
Caramel Custard was yummy. It was smooth, creamy, and perfectly chilled. They are generous with the Caramel Syrup.  I just loved it. 1 caramel custard is more than enough for 1 person. It was so fulling!!!
Caramel Custard @ RM 2.90
They have other Herbal drinks and Salted chicken for dine-in and take away. Yummy Caramel Custard sure drop by again to try more flavours (Macha, Sweet Corn and Tiramisu)
Kedai Herbal Gui Ling Tong
68, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
Monday-Sunday: 11am-9pm
Tel: 05- 253 1652